Dar al Islam is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating greater understanding of Islam among Americans of all faiths in order to establish our commonalities and build stronger relationships. We are committed, via our Mission, our Vision and our Approach, to an integrated, appreciative America. 

We have been providing non-Muslims and Muslims alike with an array of opportunities to learn more about Islam, based on the Foundational Texts, since 1979.  We believe in the collaborative efforts that encourage greater compassion and empathy between all communities.

Our unique campus in breath-taking Abiquiu, New Mexico supports these activities by providing a place for contemplation and spiritual renewal.

Our Mission:

Dar al Islam is an American non-profit educational organization incorporated in New Mexico in 1979. Our main objective is to present Islam to all peoples of North America based on the Primary Sources of Islam as they are understood and interpreted by God-fearing scholars from throughout the ages.

Our Vision:

Dar al Islam envisions an America where its people are honored by the presence of Muslims as their neighbors and where there is an awareness of the critical values between Islam and the foundation of America, common to both. We envision an America whose institutions recognize and value the contributions that Islam and Muslims can make to its society. We look to a future where the Muslims of America live Islam with a depth that nourishes their spirits, diversity that is a cause for celebration, delight that sustains the quest for increased knowledge, and with such understanding, compassion, and empathy that Islam in America is an integral part of our common ground.

Our Approach:

To realize our vision we work with Muslims and non-Muslims. We address issues faced by America and work with organizations, opinion-molders and decision makers on such issues. Our commitment to honorable businesslike procedures keeps our relationships clear, straightforward and transparent.