Dr. Mohammad Shafi Khutbas and Lectures

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Dr. Shafi has been giving khutbas in North America and the West Indies since the mid-1960s.  We hope you derive some benefit from the khutbas presented here.

A khutba is an address to a gathering during the Muslim Friday congregational prayer.  It is not circumscribed by a narrow academic topic but is expected to deal with a theme that is relevant to the audience and is rooted in the Qur'aan.  The minimum requirements of a khutba, defined in books of Law, must be satisfied.

Audio Khutbas


The one delivering the khutba, the khateeb, should understand the gravity of the responsibility which requires knowledge as well as humility and a realization that he is standing in a position defined by the dignity of the Holy Prophet.

A khutba is delivered in two parts, in a style that varies somewhat from one tradition to another.  Dr. Mohammad Shafi delivers his khutbas in a style that he inherited from his father.  In this tradition, one begins the first part of the khutba by reciting the praises of God and declaring His incomparability, sends blessings on the Prophet, recites some key verses of the Qur'aan, establishes the Qur’aanic text(s) upon which the khutba will focus and then delivers the remaining address in the local language—English in the ones made available here.  The second part of the khutba is delivered entirely in Arabic and assures that all the legal requirements of a khutba are satisfied.  Because they are completely in Arabic and follow a standard pattern, we have eliminated the second parts from these presentations.