The 29th Teachers’ Institute is from July 8 - 21, 2018.
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The Dar al Islam Teachers' Institutes have been held at our famous facilities in Abiquiu, New Mexico since 1994.

We provide and discuss available resources and tools to help the participants in teaching about Islam more effectively.

Institutes attendees include secondary school teachers from public, private and parochial institutions of North America. 

While the focus of this Institute is on secondary education, we accept and equally consider applications from a diversity of professionals.

Our faculty consists of scholars with strong academic and traditional credentials, as well as experience in interacting with diverse groups of educators in North America.

Attendees often create strong bonds with one another and with the faculty and engage in thought-provoking discussions and informal dialogue. These conversations are invaluable in enriching subsequent sessions and in shaping future Institutes.

While the focus differs each summer, our coverage includes

  • fundamental principles of Islam as contained in foundational texts
  • the history of how Muslim conquests occurred
  • the history of how the religion spread
  • the legal structures and processes and cultural traditions
  • the contemporary applications of law and Muslim practices
  • the diversity of Muslims in the Americas, the Europe and the rest of the world

Participants also study from the Qur'an and Hadith with Muslim scholars who have studied the texts in the original language.

For questions and more information, please Contact us: InstituteDirector(at)

If you are among our many alumni but have been out of touch, we invite you to reconnect with us and with your old friends. Tell us about your work since your last contact with us, and let us know how we can assist you in your teaching passions. Email us at InstituteDirector(at)

Why Study Islam?
by Abdul Hakim Murad Winter

From a lecture at the 1997 Institute

Experiences recounted by the Institute participants

Teachers' Institutes Video
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