Our Abiquiu campus has provided an idyllic setting for retreats since its inception. Organizations of various types have used our campus for their programs over the years and continue to do so.

The glorious landscape offers an incredible setting for true reflection, community building and mindfulness. 


Family Retreat
Familes gather at the Abiquiu campus for a retreat suited to adults and youth meant to support and nurture the family structure.

Women's Retreat
Various Muslim women’s groups have utilized our campus over the years. It is important for Muslimah to develop their network of support from women of all religious backgrounds.

Youth Camp
Dar al Islam has supported several youth retreats both on its campus and in other environments over the years. Supporting Muslim American youth and their Muslim development of identity is very important.

Previous Programs
Developed, conducted and sponsored by Dar al Islam, many of which are currently under the stewardship of our partners.


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