Points of Interest

Abiquiu area and vicinity has many points of interest. A selected list is given below.

  1. Plaza Blanca – on our property.  Also known as the White Place, Plaza Blanca is a beautiful slot canyon.   Well known for its picturesque western views, the site is a wonderful place for hiking and enjoying the mystical beauty of the desert.
  2. The Village of Abiquiu nested near the Chama river valley has a history going back to the Anasazi.  It is a peaceful village surrounded by beauty and nature.
  3. Monastery of Christ in the Desert is located in the Chama Canyon wilderness at the end of a 13 mile dirt road from US 84 near the Ghost Ranch. The monks practice the Benedictine life of prayer, reading, and manual labor. 
  4. Abiquiu Lake and Dam is 10 miles north of Abiquiu. Boating, water skiing, camping, fishing, picnicking. Toilets, showers, water faucets, grills, and picnic shelters.
  5. Poshuouinge Ruins a few miles south of Abiquiu, just off of US 84. A half a mile long trail over steep and uneven surfaces overlooks remnants of an old pueblo and the Chama River Valley. The trail has two vista areas and interpretive signs.
  6. Santa Rosa de Lima is also just south of Abiquiu off of US 84. The ruins are the remnants of the original Spanish settlement, built in the 1730's. It was abandoned in 1748 because of Indian raids, resettled in 1750, and again abandoned when the population moved to the Genizaro Pueblo, currently Abiquiu.
  7. The Ghost Ranch is a unique combination and synergy of natural beauty, paleontology, geology, archaeology, history and art.
  8. Echo Amphitheater site is located about 20 miles north of Abiquiu. A ten-minute walk from the parking area leads you to this 'theater', naturally hollowed out of sandstone by ages of erosion.
  9. The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum is located at the entrance of the Abiquiu pueblo. The O'Keeffe Home is open to visitors with pre-scheduled tour options. 
  10. The Santa Fe Opera House  – 50 miles south from Abiquiu and 5 miles from Santa Fe.  World famous, world class opera house featuring a variety of contemporary and classical works near the beautiful, historic city of Santa Fe.